Elder pharmaceuticals ltd – Non payment of maturity proceeds of fixed deposits by the company

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By: Gopalbhai Chimanlal Parikh

(1)FD RECEIPT no. C/77391 dated 05/12/2012 for Rs.25000/= matured on 06/12/2015 maturity amount Rs.35644/= in the name of Mrs. Kundanben Chimanlal Parikh
(2) FD receipt no.C/77305 dated 27/11/2012 for Rs.25000/= matured on 28/11/2015 Maturity amount Rs.35128/= in the name Kruti Gopalbhai Parikh
Both the above original receips duly discharged have been sent to the company on 29/12/2015. The company has neither repaid the principal amount nor the interest portion. I have written several times to the company on its email address elderfd@elderindia.com. The company’s last reply was that the matter is in court that too on 11/05/2016. Thereafter there is no any development heard from the company.
It is the investment of my old mother aged 95+ and my daughter who badly needs the amount.

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