Appu Classic / No.1 Thief and Robber Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 25,000 from me without placing me in Mindtree

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No.1 Thief and Robber Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 25,000 from me without placing me in Mindtree

Reported By: S. Vignesh

Hi Rajan,

I am Vignesh (6385334943) from Pondicherry. Your son Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 25,000 from me by playing a drama, and by telling a lot of lies to me. Similarly, he has cheated many people, and played with their life.

Please ask your son to transfer my remaining amount of Rs. 20,000 or transfer my amount on behalf of your son.

I have already given a police complaint against Vinothumar in Ambattur Police Station. Now, he is famous at many police stations in Chennai.

Also, please advise yours sons Vinothkumar and Sangar not to cheat others. They are earning well by cheating others. Never support their cheating business because they have already spoiled many people’s life.

These are your son Vinoth’s cheating companies:
1. Step to MNC (Ambattur)
2. Partner I Tech (Ambattur)
3. Yoogan I Technologies (Ambattur)
4. in1989 (Ambattur)
5. Scorp Tech (Porur)
6. IDR INFO TECH (Ramapuram)

Let me explain how Vinothkumar cheated me.
Vinothkumar collected Rs. 25,000 from me to place me in the companies “Mindtree” or “Solverminds Solutions and Technologies Pvt Ltd”.

Then, he told me that a person named “Abu Imran” was working in “Mindtree” company, and he would conduct a telephonic interview for me.

After that, Abu Imran called me, and asked me to come to Mindtree office for Face-to-Face interview. Then, I went to this address for attending the interview, and waited outside for many hours.

Ramanujan IT City SEZ,
Taramani, Chennai

After I waited for many hours outside the office, no one called me inside the office. Then, I called Abu Imran, Vinothkumar, Vigneshkumar, and Sangar, but no one would give me a proper response or these frauds would say some lies or these frauds would not attend my calls. This issue has happened several times. I have gone to Mindtree address four times, but I never went inside the office of Mindtree even at least once.

If anyone knows any information about Vinothkumar, please call me or message me on this number 6385334943. My number is available in one of the attachments.

S. Vignesh

R. Vinothkumar’s (Fraud #1) Numbers:

K. Vigneshkumar’s (Fraud #2) Numbers:

R. Sangar

Abu Imran

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