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By: Wael Sarhan

Dear Sir,

My name is Wael Sarhan, and I live in Doha-Qatar. Since 10 of Oct 2017, your people called me to use your service of getting a job here in Doha-Qatar. I was dealing with someone named Prathik in India, after I paid everything the $150.00 and $1000.00 also I paid the same for my sister and my brother as well.

He promised us jobs here in Doha-Qatar, but nothing yet.

He said that me, my sister and my brother would started begining of Dec of 2017.

He said that I would started at 7 fo Dec of 2017

He said my sister would stared at 7 of Dec of 2017

He said my brother would started at 5 of Dec of 2017 and he would send Letter fo attend for my brother.

Since 28 of November of 2017, he cut off all the communication either by email or phone after he got the money.

After he got the money, he left us with nothing.

Is your compay a fraud. Just to get people money only and do nothing.

I have been calling his number but no answer at all.

I have been calling your customer service, and every time they gave me a different answer. Like he’s sick or on leave or in a business trip and I know he’s working and didn’t wanted to answer my calls, even he didn’t respond to my emails to explain to me what was the situation.

I want to know why the treatement and you should be able to give a straight company not a fraud company only just to get people money, simply because are in desbirte to getting a job, which is your service.

I demand to know as a customer to your company what is my status and my sister and my brother as well.


Wael Sarhan

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