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By: vasantwarghade

Fraud Company & Bunch of Thieves

This is my review.a rather disgruntled, disgusted review.

It’s a company with no ethics, no escalations & nil professionalism.

There are two people viz., Lekhya Burugupalli & Guruprasad Mishra, who call themselves the face of the company. They would call you atleast three times a day, till the time you buy their products and thereafter would not even bother to attend to your calls or reply to your mails. Even if you they do, they have standard answers “We have already shared your resume with all those companies who has empaneled with us. Once they like your profile they themselves call you for the rest of the process”.

This is a total farce, because they never give the details or even the names of the companies. They just disown the candidate and wait for the’90 working’ days time to elapse.

Total fraud company and bunch of thieves. Sincerely wish nobody falls into the trap.


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