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Reported By: Arial Hart

In 9/2019 I ordered 5 clothing items from Roselinlin and when they arrived it was clear that the clothing were from pictures taken from other sites. I received cheap, look a like clothing, and according to their policy followed all the instructions on how exactly to return them for a refund.
After approximately 8 emails and then them stating that I need not even return the clothing (in China to them), they would refund me 15% of the $160. I agreed and then they lied and said they refunded me $14.30 to my credit card. When I re-contacted them with my new statement showing that the $14.30 was not refunded, they just sent back a string of nonsense emails with denials & I just hope that no one else will make the same mistake I did. I should have read other online consumer review sites before purchasing from them. Caveat Emptor!

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