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Reported By: Sophie

This is Sophie on 31/12/20 I received a call from a person saying he has captcha entry work which pays me decent amount and i agreed to him in which he said they will provide us the work and we have to complete those work in 10 working days if we don’t complete the work we have to pay the amount which is 6900 after spending my full evening and after working for whole day which 01/01/20 I didn’t get any report from there end so I tried to call them they informed me that they will provide the report tomorrow so I started working at night time too to complete the work as soon as possible but when the 2nd day I got the report it says only 191 captcha entered and only 140 captcha entry work is correct I tried contacting them at the moment but it was past six so they didn’t respond to me and the next 2 days I didn’t get the report even I didn’t get the report I was working for the whole day and in middle of the night too in between I tried contacting them but they said they have no information about this I have to mail them on their id which is and their helpline no. Is
7719126350/ 7719126083 even after mailing them I didn’t get any proper response and I tried call them again and then they send me the report in the afternoon only yesterday in that it was only showed few captcha entry rest were wrong or not even written there then contacted them again they said I only entered that much data but that’s not true and then I searched details on Google it says it’s a scam company when I asked the about it they said they have no details about it they cannot provide me with any details even after asking so many times they said they have no details then I asked them to delete my id they said to mail them I mailed them they deactivated my id in the afternoon only and Today they’re calling me and asking for money 6900 which should be paid before 12:30pm or else they’ll file a case against me in that I have to pay 326000 or else they’ll complaint against me is This the way they earn money from people we are not employed and we want to earn some decent amount of money that’s the only reason I entered online work but that doesn’t you guys will cheat us and earn money from us

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