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Posted On: 17/02/2017
By: Janu

Is Everain Technologies company trusted and can we take the work from them.? please help me with this problem.I’m in need of work from home urgently.

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38 thoughts on “Everain Technologies – Trusted or not

    • Magesh.k

      May be they have an office ,but the work they give is in an motive to fail you in completing the project even if you do it by time ,you can’t comply with their IMPOSSIBLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ,

      Simply ,they ask money in advance (which is gone forever ) and your almost finished project will be rejected (who knows ,they may even use it later after rejecting us, by doing those minor corrections and earning from our hard work and us being rejected).

      I too am cheated by them ….it’s like the movie “Sadhuranga Vettai” in which they scam people … please anyone after reading this review trying to go for this …..damn you! You surely must be someone who is interested to wanted’ly give money to scammers like these people

      • Everain Technologies

        Dear Magesh,
        This is Everain Technologies. It is big joke and wonder of this year. Everain Technologies never cheat the clients. We are not compuling anyone to join. You have enquired all details and then joined. Even before joining the company you have read all the Terms and Conditions. After placing the workload also we have told you to go through all the terms and then start. Also we have given you a sample image to try it before join. In that page itself it comes to know the approximate number of words. Then why it is shocking for you?

        Mr.Magesh : One more shock is that, the image material that they sent for typing, cannot be even read by average human sight . Since already it is in cursive and image is made in such a way that we(clients) will surely make mistake .(intentional)

        Everain Technologies : You have taken the project after seeing the sample image. It is same like that. Then why have you taken the work. It can be read clearly. There is no intention to us to do like that. It is the same Font which is not being changed from the beginning. Why you can’t notice it before taking the work? . If you guys can’t complete the work means then you say silly reasons like this to spoil the name of the concern.

        Also we are having lots of clients doing successfully and getting paid. Even you too did the work properly by following all the terms and conditions, then you too get paid. But you did all mistakes and note us as cheaters. Everain Technologies never give the work without giving our terms previously. If the terms are risky then why you took the project. Because all the instructions are very simple, which you hadn’t followed. It’s your careless mistake. You did the mistake but you are trying to spoil the establishment name. Let others know that we are not compuling anyone, also we have given all the terms and conditions previously. You people before joining had read the agreement and then only send the membership registration form. Then how you say we cheated you?

        If you like to proof anything else then directly come to the concern. Or else you directly move legally. We are having proper documents. Then we don’t have to fear about anything. We are located in the same place for certain period and within 1 km range there is police station. We are ready to face your challenge. Don’t give like this stupid statement. If we are the cheaters we never stay in one address mind you language before you blame anybody.

        • Magesh.k

          Ok may be I was too harsh ,sorry on my side ,and after clearing all the queries ,I can see that I was wrong ,and I accept that mistake was on my side too.
          If it’s possible I could have removed the previous review ,but couldn’t , maybe some one could help me here with editing/deleting the comment

    • Kriti Chopra

      I got my first payment RS 5,000 for 1st slot with one day. This company is a genuine company. You can trust guys. I get RS 15,000 per month guys. I only use 3 to 5 days per month to earn this such amount. I am a professional Type writer. So this is possible

      100% REAL COMPANY


  • mathi

    yes it is a good company probably the only company that appears with the location in the google map.. it is located in coimbatore and i have visited the place..its behind sns college… i have taken 2 projects but unfortunately i couldnt complete that but its my fault actually to 8056432538 my no.. im 20 years old.. to my thing i have been cheated by many of the data entry companies but this one seems a legal one you can have a try if you wish

  • Jeyakumar

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    yaarum Money pay paanadheenga …
    Andha Certificate Only Approved by Govt.
    Andha Certification number google la .. pottu search panunaa Andha Company name Specified govt portal la Varanum…
    Apdi Varrra vara yaarum Nambi Kudukaatheenga…

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    aanaa …
    Ivanum Pay Pana Solraan …
    So Ivanum Fraud Pola Thaan Iruku …
    Edhukum Jaakirathayaa Irunga…

      • Magesh.k

        Anyone reading this ,please ignore the previous comment , first I too thought they may be scam , since they couldn’t pick up calls in a specific week …and after deep query regarding this issue and other issues,I got my response ,and it was reasonable , they are even challenging to prove them fake if possible ,which clearly indicated their Genunity, it was hard for me to listen to them at first ,but I am a man of reason ,and I accept that I was wrong about them ,

        Guys this company is for real ,if you want any doubts ,I will clear since I had good experience after a brief speech(which I didn’t have at right time before)
        Contact me@7010898719

  • Thanga Thamil Selvan

    http://www.everaintechnologirs.com ல் Type writting தெரிந்தவர்களால் மட்டுமே செய்ய முடியும்.

    Type writting தெரியாதவர்கள் ஏமாறாதீர்கள்

    இது type writting தெரிந்தவர்களுக்கு மட்டுமே எளிமையானது மற்றும் சுலபமானதும் கூட…

  • Muralidaran

    Hey guys this is the only genuine ITES company in TN. I got my 1st payment. Trust this company. I know types writing. So it is easy to me. Guys do you know type writing. Join this company. we can trust Everain Tech.


    I agree with Muralidharan. Hey guys this is the only genuine ITES company in TN. I got my 1st payment. Trust this