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Fraud company not returning the product

Reported By: Lalita rawat

[14:36, 26/6/2019] dhriti: Dear Sir/Ma`am,I had recently purchased an item online for a website called as Ethnikmall for worth 1750/- they sent me an item as cheap imitation the item does not look like what they have shown on website, i want to return the product and asked for a refund for it as I was not satisfied with the product sent to me they have refused it to me blatantly on Call.If you want i can send you the product which i got and the product they are showing on their website and please be noted most of their items they sell on this website has fooled many customers which I came across when I put my grevience on the social media a lot of people messaged me given me an eye opener as to how this website has been posting misleading pictures of items the pictures of items are the expensive garments what they send to customers are it`s cheap imitation instead for expensive rates. I request you to please go through such websites who Cheat consumes online and they make such policies that they never give the money back. Kindly look into the matter. Thanking you. Regards,Lalita

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  1. is the fraud online shopping.. No proper response.. The product delivered is vry bad and damaged too

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