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Complain against Fake doctor

Reported By: Popil Biswas

Sir / Madam

We are residents of Village + Post- Bara Chupriya, Thana- Hans Khali, District- Nadia, Pin-741502. For a long time in our area, some unscrupulous traders have been running drug stores. One of the leaders of this group of unscrupulous businessmen is Jiten Biswas (Father – Mohen Biswas, home to the above mentioned address).

For long 15-20 years, he introduced himself as a doctor, saw patients and sold medicine. For several years now, he has been illegally trying to get drunk, have abortions, have sex and donate blood.

He does not pay any bill or prescription after selling the medicine, he refuses to pay if asked which is very horrible.

If a villager suspects that he wants to see the license of his drug store, even if he wants to see if he has a medical certificate that identifies himself as a doctor, he does not want to show it, even if he wants to see if there is a certificate or permission to sell drugs in the store No one sees his license or permission.

1) Income tax evasion by the government.

2) Illegal sale of drugs.

3) There is no certificate of MCI.

4) There is no license to sell drugs.

5) Supply of abortion drugs secretly.

6) Not paying any bill for medicines.

6) etc. etc.

Much more.

It is playing tricks on the life of our human society.

This business should be closed as soon as possible.


In the public welfare and public interest

The villagers requested that an investigation be carried out against Jiten Biswas, a dishonest businessman in our area and one of the leaders of the party, and that he be punished severely under the Indian Penal Code.

It is also requested that this investigation be conducted in an impartial manner as it has been investigated many times before.

All those cases have been destroyed by money.

Very optimistic.

Thank you


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