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Big fraud

Reported By: SN2022

Kapil Sharma is a big fraud. In the name of astrology (which is such a scared Vedic science in India), he attracts young men and women promising to help them with lost love or relationship problems but in fact all he does is takes 50,000 to 1 lake rupees socially if he knows you live abroad. Be aware of such frauds. This person has advertised himself and his business with false testimonies which makes people abroad believe that he must be genuine, but when you contact him to enquire about his business and to see if your personal problems can be resolved

through Vedic services he sweet talks and promises you fake solutions and immediately takes money and charges you lakhs of rupees. I still can’t believe such frauds are allowed to upload YouTube videos and website with fake testimonials. Internet world is giving rooms to these fake astrologer or pandits taking good people on a ride. I urge everyone who have been affected by him to lodge police complaints together as a group and take these online complaints seriously so we can all do something about this…:I just want to make sure no other girl or boy gets trapped into this again.

I had sent him many message to receive my money back but he doesn’t care. He is also intelligently crooked that he will never pick up calls from other numbers. He will only call back on your WhatsApp number when he is available so you are not prepared for communication.

Very disappointed that such people are also spoiling name of India through Indian Vedic science.

Thanks for reading.

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