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FAKE Interviews | Fake interviews | No1 Fraud Company

Reported By: syed

I was lured of prospective potential vacancies and made to shellout 500$ to arranged a fake interview. The interviewer acted very well but I knew from the questions and accent that the guy is trying to sound like arab accent but is not a saudi or arab. Later the interviewer selected me and transferred to Arise careers executive and she demanded another 250$ for the offer letter and other documentations. Having foolishly lost 500$ I dont want to loose another 250$ and I quit the site. These guys in Arise careers are completely train to run fraud transactions and fake interviews and start extracting money at every step ranging from 125$ to 350$, please dont fall prey to them.

Note: Raise a complaint with the bank as fraud transaction so you can get your money back and Raise complaint in nearest police sation .

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