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Mecareerz and Meplacing Scams Story
Introduction About the Website
1st I will give you a short introduction about to know better about this website functions and how its scam works. The website is operated within India .List Of Countries, It Deals With
It has worldwide jobs available, but most the popular locations across a gulf used mostly in a job search are we, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Muscat, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordon, Egypt, Iraq and some some developed countries including USA, Canada, Italy, UK, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and new Zealand etc.. In other words it contains all the countries of the world for giving you the job opportunities lolzz.
Services It Offers
While it also contains some sort of employees, hiring related assessments, etc. services it provides is the RESUME SERVICES etc which realy don’t help us 1%.. to show the viewers of the website that they are really serious in giving you better job search environment which other job portals do not provide you.
Job Applying Candidates Over View
Mostly the website is used for job search by under develop countries which are not getting proper job opportunities in their countries due to poor economic and political system issues, etc. including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan etc. They are mostly those candidates who are fed up with job search, had wasted already lot of their time, money and other recruitment agencies and job portals etc.. And now they just need a final and pure job offer and such a website who is ready to give them an urgent and real job.
Which Issues Candidates Are Facing Regarding Mecareerz
Non Sense Management Of Mecareerz And Meplacing and Jobs Which Are Nt Possible To Achieve Being Posted
The 1st thing according to me which I noted on the site is that it has an inefficient and totally non sense management working for it who is unqualified or inexperienced or whatever issues they have I do not know exactly. Because the jobs posted by most of the jobs posted on their site are those which are mostly for local countries’ citizens only like in Saudi, Emirati, Qatari, Kuwaiti, nationals only, but they will post it on their website and show the users that they are for them only and they can also. While like the Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, etc. in the oil drilling companies the hiring manager will only prefer locals and the jobs includes roustabout, floorman, direction and other junior positions, roles etc. to give their own nationals the opportunities to learn and grow having a desire to make this field as a career. But these jobs still are found on mecareerz website only to show the viewers a wrong site so that they may assume that this the world best site that contains all kinds of junior to senior levels of positions regarding all fields. The second point which I noted is that they are offering a double or triple amount of salary and other benefits to the candidates in order to attract them to apply asap and so that they starts their work for getting payments from them. Like if a drilling company has a roustabout position whose normal salary in use is 2000 and then they will post the same position with 6000 and more salary depending upon experience on their web site.
For Example : Arabian drilling is well known drilling company operating in Saudi Arabia it’s a part of a Schlumberger drilling company which is a French drilling company. The company hires junior staff like roustabout, motorman, radio operator, floorman, derrickman etc. from Saudi Arabia only and hires only senior staff from foreign countries, etc. But if you will go the you will see these jobs posted on their website as well which is a clear image of their scam as well.
When You Will Call The Original Company Office Then What Will They Say
If you do not trust in my words you can also call the specified company’s office telephone no and ask for the HR department if those jobs are being hired by you or any third party website etc and they will deny it for sure and they will also advise you to be safe and do not share your personal info or send any kind of payments to them and we are also not responsible for any kind of loss you will bear.
How The Scam Starts After You Apply To Mecareerz.Com
Features Of and When You Make A Normal Account Profile On Jobportals like Naukri, monstergulf or
· You will receive a telephone call from their office and mostly the lady speaker will take you very politely and professionally and will tell you that you had opened a normal account on our website and then suddenly she will say to you that please register on our website as a premium member and then she will tell you some important features of the premium account and related benefits etc. Like she will tell you following best features of using a premium account
• Know who viewed your profile
• Resume highlight
• Auto applies
• Boost your job application

• Formatted Cover Letter
• Optimized Text resume
• Update your profile
• Visual Resume
• Social Resume, etc.
She will also praise about your nice cave, picture and other job expand educational qualifications, etc. in order to attract you to register as a premium user.
Giving You Guarantee That They Will Not Share Your Resume With Other Recruitment Agencies
They will give you a surety regarding your privacy and personal info as well. They will say to you that we will not forward your resume to other cheap recruitment consultancies who only your precious time and money and also do not provide you any kind of job etc and your profile will remain active in our website portal.
Working As A One Fake Job Group
You will also astonish hear about it that, and are working together as a one group. You will receive all the same fake and scam features from them as well if you will register on any one of them.
Unavailability Of Office Address
The website contains no office location or written address in the contact us option. As they do not want to show their exact location due to their fake location
How Much Amount They Are Earning From Each Candidate
If the candidate is an Indian they will get approximately around 17, 000 Indian rupees after receiving the fake offer letter and from the other nationalities they are getting around minimum 400 $ to 1000 $ after receiving of appointment letters.
Disadvantages Of Using Mecareerz.Com
· They are fake, so you will get nothing
· They are doing fraud with the innocent and unemployed people who are already in tension due to having no jobs and are unable to feed their families
· They will take your money and will not provide you any kind of service
· They are posting all fake jobs which are not real and only wasting people precious time
· If you will make an account on you will never be able to delete it afterwards. You will also be unable to unsubscribe from their jobs notification etc.
Fake Emails Ids Of Mecareerz Management
. I assure you that you will get an email from any one of them.
Public Notice
· Do not ever register on and Meplacing.comas this is all about fake jobs.
· Please be safe and use time in finding some real jobs which are present on real company’s website.
· Always make it sure that during hiring process the company does not demand you any kind of money if it demands do nt pay it and simply leave that company and try some better one.
· Do nt trust on such sites blindly which offer you various jobs try to make it sure by calling the real company office about real jobs availability and then apply.
· Candidates will usually be asked to provide a Cv or other information online or via email and may be asked to do an online interview questionnaire. There will usually be no face to face interview.
· An offer will be made supposedly from someone representing the client for example some engineering company etc. The offer will tell you that you will need to pay sums of money either direct to the fraudster or to a third party for a visa, work permit, travel costs etc in order to accept the job.
· Sometimes the scam will say that you will be reimbursed these costs when you start work with the client company.
What Should I Do?
· Do nt provide personal or financial details to anyone you don’t know or trust, or on a website you do nt trust
· Be alert for suspicious signs
-Poor use of language
-Use of emails addresses like yahoo, gmail or hotmail etc
-Request for money to be paid in advance
· Contact through social websites such as facebook etc
· Always independently verify the job offers before you take any decision
Thanks You Very Much
Special thanks for visiting my blog and finding some time to read my article. I’m really thankful to you in helping me to become a creative article writer. Due to your efforts and support soon I shall become a creative article writer. I welcome your feedback, suggestions, comments about this article and I hope you had enjoyed it. Thanks

How to Get Your Money Back?
.Raise chargeback dispute with your respected bank and file fraud transaction and provide the bank proofs as you haven’t received the product.
.File a case near by police satation.
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