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consumer complaints, reviews and recommendations about Advertisement and Marketing companies, products and services. / / – Fraud Company and Website / / Complaints & Reviews By: Am This is the person who conned me: Basavaraj.N Sr.Advisor Gulf | Middle East Desk: +91-040-67902416 This son of the bitch called me and said that 5 companies are really interested in my CV. He asked me to pay USD […]

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mypacket Complaints & Reviews By: asgar Shriramtedars Complaints & Reviews By: Raj kumar मुझे यह समान नही लेना है जो कपड़ा मेने मंगवाया था वो समान मुझे नही मिला कृपया मेरा ओडर केनसल कर दै ओर मेरा पेसा वापस करै