Pandit Arjun Samrat / Is he fake??

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Is he fake??

Reported By: Xyz

Helllo all , I just wanted to know about pt Arjun samrat please someone let me know about him below is his no.
7689851777 & 9587282351

10 thoughts on “Pandit Arjun Samrat / Is he fake??”

  1. u know abt him..he is doing some puja for he authentic or fraud ..plz tell me..i have already paid a huge amount.

      1. Hi.can u please tell if someone work is done or not..or is he fake who claims to do everything .plz reply i have paid him a huge amount for my love life..

  2. Hi .can anyone tell me is the work done or not.i have given him money but he is said that some problems are there so need to do more he authentic?

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