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Posted On: 26/12/2016
By: M.I.Haque

Redme 3S Prime grey 32G order no.5161205499517565 had been placed with MI India had been delivered on 09/12/2016 in damaged condition. It was reported immediately same time MI India by mail with photograph and MI India opened a request no.161209011120 it was asign delivered in damaged condition on 09/12/2016 at 7.12PM. It kept on lingering in the matter despite constant follow up on my part. On 16/12/2016 i have received mail qoute” we would request you to send the product to our warehouse at your own cost”unqoute. I have sent damaged product through blue dart courier(AWB No.39921831434) on 17/12/2016 Banglore his warehouse but he have not accept that packet and returned back my residence. After that i have rote innumerable emails and called his customer care number no answer no response nothing 10 days have passed.Still no confirmation from their side when he will receiving their damaged product.It is neither replaced the damaged mobile handset nor refund the price.On other hand it had caused me undue loss.
Feeling cheated MI India.

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