union group finance – genuine or fake

I applied fr Pmegp loan his name viveksharma but the number which was there in website is switched off so if anybody knows about this company pls tell me it is in Delhi



  1. Union group finance Mobile No.9205979434 Email id:uniongroupfinance41@gmail.com
    They are having account in :Canara Bank A/c No.2702101021872 Name: Neelam Devi.

  2. I have come across this company as well and they have asked to transfer money to the same account of Neelam Devi. Apparently, the money is for the chartered accountant who will get the documents ready. Any review/suggestions?

  3. Hi.. I also wish to take a loan from them and was in the process of submitting documents and all. Can you tele what is the response u r getting now

  4. This is rajendra, having applied for personal loan and they offered thro KVIC (MSME Scheme) to initiate pay an amount of Rs. 2500 for project file charges. After receipt of payment verification call from KVIC office delhi (Fake) and asking for an amount of Rs. 25000 as collateral deposit. I just verified with DELHI KVIC Office and they are not initiated to deposit the amount in a single letter. Now the concerned is not lifting the phone and no reply for my mail also. All are do fake business. Loss of trust and money

  5. Beware this is a fake company. I have applied for pmegp loan.they told me that loan is sanctioned and i have to pay 15000 fee.afyer depositting tje money in acis bank in name of virendra mandal they are not answering my calls..fake fake fake..1000pervent

  6. Kitane din aye fraud & fake paise khayenge ek na ekdin sab ***** me se nikalega inake…eventually there karma will teach them big lesson

  7. My name is ahammedhi IAM middle class Jyothi executive she took my money 60.000 rs from union grop finance pls if possible pls arrest Jyothi

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