RFTRONICS LLC / Frauds Mathioli and Mathew have already cheated Rs. 65+ lakhs from 200+ graduates without arranging any job | No.1 Worst Fraud Consultancy in Chennai

RFTRONICS LLC Reviews & Complaints

Frauds Mathioli and Mathew have already cheated Rs. 65+ lakhs from 200+ graduates without arranging any job | No.1 Worst Fraud Consultancy in Chennai

Reported By: Public Awareness Team

Hi Everyone,

I am one of the victims who was cheated by “RFTRONICS GROUP OF COMPANIES (MNC)”. I lost Rs. 40,000 to this fraud consultancy, and I got my refund with the help of the police.

Let me tell everyone about the cheating business of this fake institute and fake consultancy.

What is RFtronics and Group of Companies?

RFTRONICS GROUP OF COMPANIES (MNC) is a fake company which doesn’t have any Government Approval and registration.

This company has not been registered on “Ministry of Corporate Affairs” website which is run by Government of India.

Anyone can check this company on “Ministry of Corporate Affairs” website. Here is the link for MCA portal.

Mathioli Nagarajan is the owner of this fake company. He is the #1 fraud of this company. He will always advertise his fake company that his company was influenced by our Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”. This is one of his biggest lies for cheating the job seekers.

Mathew Rajesekaran and Sankar Nagappan are Mathioli’s fraud business partners who run this fake institute and fake consultancy as a group.

Mathioli Nagarajan has already cheated Rs. 65+ lakhs from 200+ graduates through various fake companies in various locations.

There are a lot of police complaints against Mathioli in the local police stations. Also, there are a lot of Cyber Crime complaints, and cheating cases against him in Chennai Commissioner Office.


Their current cheating company:
#12, 2nd Floor, Hanumar Kovil Street,
West Mambalam,
Tamil Nadu – 600033
Landmark: Near MGM Hall & Near Railway Station

How do these frauds cheat?

Mathioli will post fake job openings and fake internship training on many job portals and Facebook.

Then, Mathew (8825737360) will conduct fake interviews, and tests for the candidates. After that, he will reject the candidates, and he will lie to the candidates that they will train the candidates and place them in MNC companies.

Also, he will lie that they have 500 MNC client companies, and he will give 100% assurance for the placement. Then, he will ask the candidates to pay amount for the placement by telling a lot of lies.

At last, there won’t be any training and placement. They will cheat the candidates without placing the candidates in any company, and without refunding the amount.

Also, they will cheat the candidates by giving fake offer letters.

If any candidate asks them for the refund, they will lie that the money will be refunded within 30 days or 40 days. Then, they will not attend the calls of the candidates, and they will block the contact numbers of the candidates. At last, they will never refund the money.

How do these frauds abuse the candidates?

If anyone questions them about their forgeries or if anyone asks them for the refund, they will threaten the candidates by making calls to them, and they will threaten the candidates by posting their details with wrong information on the Internet.

They have a template to damage the candidate’s image.

They will mention the candidate’s details in that template, and they will post it on social medias and pornographic websites. This is how they run their cheating business, and spoil the life of graduates.

Mathioli has damaged the profiles of many innocent graduates on Consumer Complaints Website. Please search “Job Killer” on the Consumer Complaints website, and everyone can find his fake complaints about the innocent graduates.

Also, the victims can report those frauds’ Cyber Crimes on “National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal” by visiting the following government website.
Link: https://cybercrime.gov.in

Mathioli keeps cheating job seekers by posting fake positive reviews

There are 350+ reviews for this consultancy on Google My Business, and this consultancy has 4+ rating. All the positive reviews are posted by the frauds who run this fraud consultancy. Many people are getting cheated by trusting these fake positive reviews, and fake rating.

There are lots of complaints and negative reviews about these frauds on various websites. Please google “Rftronics Complaints” to know more about the forgeries of these frauds.

Please check these complaints to know more about these frauds.

Some Consumer Complaints that were posted by the victims against these frauds:










These frauds have damaged the image of lots of innocent people:





How to recover the money from these frauds?
If anyone has already been cheated by this consultancy, the victims can recover the money from them with the help of the police.

The victims can go to their office, and call 100 if any of the frauds is available in their office. If the victim calls 100, and reports their forgery, the police will come to the spot, and catch those frauds. Then, the police will help the victim to recover the money from the frauds.

Also, the victims can give police complaints against Mathioli Nagarajan with any kind of payment proofs at “R1 Mambalam Police Station” to get your money back from this fraud consultancy.

Address of Mambalam Police Station
R1 Mambalam Police Station,
No 1, Madley Road,
T Nagar,
Tamil Nadu – 600017

If your complaint is not accepted at “R1 Mambalam Police Station” or if you are not able to get your refund after giving the police complaint at Mambalam Police Station, please give your police complaint at Chennai Commissioner Office.

Address of Chennai Commissioner Office
No. 132, Commissioner Office Building,
EVK Sampath Road,
Tamil Nadu – 600007


தயவு செய்து, இந்த மோசடி நபர்களிடம் எச்சரிக்கையாக இருங்கள் மற்றும் ஏமாறாதீர்கள்! பணத்தை இழந்தவர்கள், காவல் துறையிடம் புகார் தெரிவித்து பணத்தை பெற்று கொள்ளுங்கள்.


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