Tsrtc – Bus timings

Tsrtc Complaints & Reviews By: Srinathreddy Jala Buses are not at all on time. Passengers has to wait hours especially who has done reservation and there is no proper information given about the delay. Management has to follow the strict timing.

Srinivas – Mr

Srinivas Complaints & Reviews Posted On: 18/01/2017 By: Srinivas Irregular timings at night hours. I have planned to go NIZAMABAD from Karimnagar when I enquired they said there is a bus for every one hour. I came at 10.45 pm and waited upto 1.30 pm no single bus has come. […]

TSRTC – Regarding Bus shelters

TSRTC is ignoring the public welfare for providing the bus shelters for the people at bus stops , there are many places where bus shelters in bus stop for public are not avaialable and public need to bear the hot sun and rain waiting for the bus , places like […]

TSRTC – Rude behavior of bus driver towards a girl and not followed rules despite taking a ticket

I boarded the bus number at Shamshabad: AP 28Z 4820 and took ticket to Lakshmi Nagar, Hyd. The bus driver was very rude and did not stop the bus at Lakshmi Nagar bus stop. He stopped the bus at Mehdipatnam, which is nearly a KM away from Lakshmi nagar. I’m […]