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Fake Services and Collecting Money in the name of Jobs

Reported By: kasim

1.Are you desperately looking for Job?
2. You are getting calls on the same by seeing your profile online for a job. Then becarefull!!!!
3. You land on and portal and there you see jobs that seemingly fit your profile ( fake jobs Conmen create for you to get hold of you)
4. or Me Placing asks you to register so as that you can be able to apply to the jobs
5. You hurriedly enter all your personal details, work experience, education details skills, professional summary, resume etc any information that will enable them know exactly who you are
6. Once you are registered you apply for international jobs for my case I went for UAE jobs.
7. After that you will normally receive calls from and

8. He or she is sounds very professional and will say everything you need to hear. He will promise you that everything is good and they will connect you directly with the employer/company/job that fits your profile. He uses the information give you submitted to register to manipulate you. He will tell you about a job paying 4000usd per months+Visa+Air Tickets+Transport to work+ House/Accomodation+2000 Allowances+Health Insurance ETC to entice you.

9. Of course the service is not for free. He will request you to pay for 150 usd through western union as a registration/connection fee for their services. He will email you the following contact where you can send the money directly and he will ask for confirmation when you are going to send the cash is you delay he will pressure you by telling you time is not on your side you could lose the job if you delay.or they will ask you to pay through the link they sent.

10. Remember you are desperate and the small money you have left on you bank account that could help you get sustain you until you find another job is taken by the conman. At this point 150usd relatively might be small. The essence here is to trap you deep into in the con.
11. You rush and send the money. And the day you send the money they will call you like 100 times to put pressure.
12. After you send the 100usd now the games start. i.e. they will stage a fake phone interview which are seemingly so easy and they will tell you the employer agreed that you passed. He’s waiting to receive the rest of your paper work so as to process all your documents. For them to send your entire paper worker you have to pay another 500usd. This happens a few days after you sent the 150usd remember at this point you may not have shared anything with any one like a friend still keeping the cards to the chest.
13. They will tell you they have a 3rd party expert in England who will be assigned to make your professional Digital CV and cover letter.
14. They will again ask for another 500usd in a few days needed to pay a 3rd party agency to send them your contract from the employer which they will in turn send you.
15. They will ask another 300usd as courier charge to send you the hard copies of your contract and visa.
16. The process will go on and on as long as you still have money to send.
17. The day they realize you have nothing to offer is the last you will ever hear from them.
.Note: Fraud is real it happened to me so just wanted to share a story with a desperate soul out there. They will take your money and leave you nothing but a bunch of emails. Later when you research every details there long gone but realize everything was FAKE!!!. There huge online cartels in INDIA doing online fraud they have used companies with different name like.
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