Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Andheri West, Bombay – non payment of fds already matured and interest cheques bound

Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Andheri West, Bombay I have fixed deposits in the name of bhupendra p shah,dipti bhupendra shah and bhupendra p shah (huf) totalling to rs.4,40,000.00.few of the fds are already matured and handed over to the company either directly by me or through m/s bajaj capital ltd.fort.interest cheques […]

Elder Pharamceuticals Limited – Non-Payment of Cumulative FD

My mother a senior citizen, surviving only on the interest recd. from FD investment is facing a very bad hardship since Elder did not repay the 1.5 lakhs of FD matured amount. Invested the proceeds of retirement amount that my father recd. who is now no more.Kindly help in getting […]

Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd – Non payment of my FD maturity Amount of Rs. 42774 on 8/11/2014 and interest till date

My wife FD is already matured on 8/11/2014 with maturity amount of Rs. 42774. I have not received this maturity payment and also interest till date. I have kept this money for my daughters education. There is not communication from the company in this regards since last one year. No […]

Ranbaxy laboratories Ltd – Fake interview

Dear Candidate, You are selected for an interview scheduled in our company. This is the final call for this venue. Details are attached herewith in the attachments. Kindly go through the attachments for further details. Confirm your presence for interview immediately. Contact on 07289001924, 07289001923 for any further query or […]

Lars Medicare Pvt Ltd – Lars medicare pvt. Ltd. Is a fraud company

भाइयों और बहनो ज़रा गौर से पढ़ो लार्स मेडिकेयर, सोनीपत, हरियाणा के गोयल साब (जो कि धोखे बाज किस्म के इंसान है) की कंपनी है उन्होंने पहले दिखने के लिए एक मार्केटिंग के लिए टीम रखी और उस उस टीम के संबंधों के सहारे बहुत सारे स्टॉकिस्टों को अपना न […]

Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd C9 Dalia Industrial Estate Andheri W Mumbai 400 053 – Non-payment of Principal amount of Fixed Deposits on maturity

On 12-01-2015, I and my wife, both Senior Citizens, sent the Fixed Deposit Nos. N 67501 and N 68818 of Elder Pharmaceutical Ltd, on maturity requesting them to send the maturity value. In spite of repeated follow up, we have not received the amount. We also did not get any […]

Plethico Pharmacuticals – Non payment of FD principle & Interest,

We have several FDs in our family with this company, Pending payment of Principle & Interest. Complaint with MCA closed with an advice to approach Chief Judicial Magistrate at District and Sessions Court at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. How to proceed from this point forwards.

Elder pharmaceutical ltd – elder pharma

I have deposited rs 25000 in company’s fd scheme on feb 15,2012 for 36 months. His fd matured onfeb 15 2015.on enquiry the co gives dates for refund each time. It appears that co has no intention to repay the fds. Suggest company CEO and other executives be treated like […]

Era Pharmaceuticals pvt Ltd – pvt Ltd

On checking in the app we discovered that the comparisons given are bogus an example is Eraflex tablets what is given as the salt content is absolutely incomplete and incorrect and so are the comparisons thsee inadequate comparisons will only misguided patients into buying totally different drug from.what was prescribed

Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd – Non refund of FDR16970 amount of RS 1lakh along with balance interrest

FDR no 16970 matured on 29-03-2015.Even after 6 months principal amount of Rs 1 lakh along with balance interest of Rs 12000 has not been refunded to me inspite of repeated remaiders and phone calls.The above FDR held jointly by me along with my son Aravind. Being a senior citizen […]


Holding 2 Fixed Deposits no N 74981 for Rs 35000 on 3 years terms & N 80717 for Rs 25000.on 4 years terms since 2012. The company has failed to pay the periodic interest from 2014 on both FDS . COMPANY IS ALSO NON COMMITTING ON REPAYMENT OF PRINCIPAL AMOUNT […]