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Cmc Vellore – Complaint

Cmc Vellore Complaints & Reviews By: ANBU The male doctors will be allowed to enjoy may operate some parts fix it for their kith&kins.when CMC casual money collecting hospital has a full support of vellore corporation culprits nobody can pluck the hair unless or otherwise central media with support of […]

rjr hospitals – fraud doctors – rjr hospitals – fraud doctors

rjr hospitals – fraud doctors Complaints & Reviews By: karthick 28 நாட்களில்சொரியாசிஸ்நிரந்தரமாககுணமாகும்அதிசயம் ” எனவிளம்பரம்செய்யும் RJR மருத்துவமனையில் 32 மாதங்கள்சிகிச்சைபெற்றும்குணமடையவில்லை. தலையில்மட்டும்இருந்தசொரியாசிஸ்உடல்முழுவதும்பரவியதுடன்கை, கால்மூட்டுகளைஅசைக்கமுடியாமல்போனது. விரல்கள்கோணலானது.நகங்கள்சொத்தையானது.தலைமுடிமுழுவதும்கொட்டிவிட்டது.மேலும்இவர்கள்கொடுத்த steroid கலந்தமருந்துகளால்சர்க்கரைவியாதிவந்துவிட்டது.frauds.


CNR HERBS Complaints & Reviews By: Madhu Sudhan Please don’t go to CNR Herbs as the medicine they are giving were not proved and they were charging RS 10000 for medicine and Rs 500 as consulting charges and many people come to the clinic and argue with the doctor as […]

St.zitel hospital,Amsterdams – Online money cheating in the name of visa process

St.zitel hospital,Amsterdams Complaints & Reviews By: Dr.kanniah mutharasan Sir I.Dr.Kanniah mutharasan , Indian nationality am a qualified internal medicine physician. I got appointment letter offer from st.zitel hospital saying that they selected me as associated Internist. For visa processing one (dr) Bonnie Windsor introduced himself as HR president of st.zitel […]

Roopal Medical Centre Pvt Ltd. Yamuna Vihar, Delhi — Greedy doctors

I am writing this to let you know people about the service at roopali medical centre pvt ltd. Yamuna vihar, delhi, i admitted my wife due to labour pain, at roopal medical centre pvt.Ltd, yamuna vihar, delhi 10.01.2015. When doctor roopali checked up my wife, dr. Said the overy is […]

Rathi Med Specialty Hospital, Anna Nagar — Negligence and Unprofessional Attitude

I had the worst experience so far at Rathi Med Speciality Hospital. I had admitted my son for 2 days. There was no electricity on the second night. With generator not working, had a sleepless night. Imagine the plight of patients particularly for emergency cases. How can a so-called specialty […]

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital – Not treated well in dermatology department by Dr. Rohit Batra in Ganga Ram hospital

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Rajneesh Jain. I am suffering from fungal infection in & around belly button last 2 years. After found not any satisfaction from anywhere, On 6th Jan, 2016 i have visited Ganga Ram hospital dermatology department F-31 and meet with Dr. Rohit Batra. But he had […]

CNR HERBS – quack doctor running fraud clinic

he is an fraud absorbing plenty of money from common peoples. he is not a siddha doctor he hasnt have any bsms degree. by tv brain washing he is managing to suck money. he has bunch of schumbugs with him. if the pt ask anything he show a gun to […]