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Lens – Defective glasses

Lens Complaints & Reviews By: Harish Aggarwal I paid Rs.3920/_ for progressive lenses with frame on 1.11.2017 vide order no.47111664. The spects delivered to me were of defective numbers and inferior quality without antiglare .I made a formal complaint to the company and was asked for necessary corrections.In life […]

rjr hospitals – fraud doctors – rjr hospitals – fraud doctors

rjr hospitals – fraud doctors Complaints & Reviews By: karthick 28 நாட்களில்சொரியாசிஸ்நிரந்தரமாககுணமாகும்அதிசயம் ” எனவிளம்பரம்செய்யும் RJR மருத்துவமனையில் 32 மாதங்கள்சிகிச்சைபெற்றும்குணமடையவில்லை. தலையில்மட்டும்இருந்தசொரியாசிஸ்உடல்முழுவதும்பரவியதுடன்கை, கால்மூட்டுகளைஅசைக்கமுடியாமல்போனது. விரல்கள்கோணலானது.நகங்கள்சொத்தையானது.தலைமுடிமுழுவதும்கொட்டிவிட்டது.மேலும்இவர்கள்கொடுத்த steroid கலந்தமருந்துகளால்சர்க்கரைவியாதிவந்துவிட்டது.frauds.

Rjr hospitals – fake Treatment

Rjr hospitals Complaints & Reviews By: manoj I have taken treatment in RJR hospitals for psoriasis problem. They said it will get cured within 3 months but I have took their medicines for 3 years but no development in my health. Am suffering from severe joint pain and sugar. This […]

Rjr hospitals – review

Rjr hospitals Complaints & Reviews By: gugan I was worked in RJR hospitals. In RJR hospitals, they cheating people by advertising like they can cure any incurable diseases within 2 to 3 months times and cheats that disease wont affect again. They provide medicines which doesn’t have any connection with […]


CNR HERBS Complaints & Reviews By: Madhu Sudhan Please don’t go to CNR Herbs as the medicine they are giving were not proved and they were charging RS 10000 for medicine and Rs 500 as consulting charges and many people come to the clinic and argue with the doctor as […]

MedPlus – Incorrect rounding off of a fractional rupee

MedPlus Complaints & Reviews By: B.L.Manohar invoice number 20171800440024354 dated07-06-2017 of MedPlus, Hoysala Circle, Kengeri Upanagara, Bangalore 560060 While RBI guidelines (reference RBI/2013-14/609 DNBS.CC.PD.No.377/03.10.01/2013-14 May 27, 2014,) says fractional rupee of less than 50 paise, should not be billed, this company from many many years is looting common man, innocently […]

St.zitel hospital,Amsterdams – Online money cheating in the name of visa process

St.zitel hospital,Amsterdams Complaints & Reviews By: Dr.kanniah mutharasan Sir I.Dr.Kanniah mutharasan , Indian nationality am a qualified internal medicine physician. I got appointment letter offer from st.zitel hospital saying that they selected me as associated Internist. For visa processing one (dr) Bonnie Windsor introduced himself as HR president of st.zitel […]

Dr. Ganesh R – very rude behaviour

Dr. Ganesh R Complaints & Reviews By: Priyanka Had consulted Dr. Ganesh R for ALlergic Rhinitis (Allergy induced cold). On my first visit itself the doc appeared very rude. Not addressing concerns, answering doubts and simply asking to follow prescription. For the ailment he gave me 3 month intense medicines, […]