Appu Classic / The Worst Fraud Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 65500 from me | His whole family is a fraud family

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The Worst Fraud Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 65500 from me | His whole family is a fraud family

Reported By: Kokila Adhikesavan


I am Kokila from Perambur, Chennai. Fraud Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 65,500 from me by sending me a fake offer letter in the company name of “Ebix Softwares India”.

Firstly, Lavanya sent me emails for arranging the placement in CGI, and she conducted a telephonic interview for me. After that, she informed me that my offer letter would be delayed. Then, there had been no response from her for two months. Because of her, I wasted two months, and I quit my job since she gave me an assurance for my placement.

Lavanya sent me emails through this email address “”.

Lavany’s Details:
Her Full Name: Lavanya Mani

Her husband’s name: R. Vinothkumar

Her mobile number: 9677501761

Her work loacation:
CGI, 3rd Floor, Block 5,
Tamil Nadu – 600089, India

Vinothkumar told me that Lavany was an HR of his client company. After several months, I came to know that she is his wife, and she is also a partner of his forgery.

After that, Vinothkumar promised me that he would place me in Ebix Softwares India. Then, he sent me the fake offer letter of Ebix, and collected money from me many times by sending me fake emails. He will always cheat by talking politely and sweetly. His mouth will speak only lies. He is an expert in cheating and acting like a good person.

Vigneshkumar collected money from me twice by coming to my home. Finally, I came to know that he is the fake HR of Ebix Softwares India who conducted the fake telephonic interview for me.

When I went to “Ebix Softwares India” office with those emails and offer letter, I came to know that those emails and offer letter are fake. By knowing their forgery, I was shocked, and I was mentally upset.

Frauds Vinothkumar, Lavanya, and Vigneshkumar must be arrested, and sent to jail soon for spoiling many people’s life, and for robbing the money from many people like this.

Vinothkumar’s father, mother and his wife support his cheating business. His whole family is a fraud family. His whole family must be sent to jail.

Now, these frauds have escaped, and they are hiding somewhere.

Please take action on these frauds, and help me to recover my money Rs. 65,500 from Vinothkumar.

If anyone knows any information about Vinothkumar or if anyone has already been cheated by him, please call me or message me at 8939080723. Also, my number is in the attachments.


Kokila Adhikesavan

R. Vinothkumar’s (Fraud #1) Numbers:

K. Vigneshkumar’s (Fraud #2) Numbers:

M. Lavanya (Fraud #3)

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