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Madoor group ( real estate Builder) – बिल्डर प्लॅट ची “खरेदी खत” (sale deed) करून देत नाही

Madoor group ( real estate Builder) Complaints & Reviews By: shrikant b आदरणिय सर/मॅडम मी श्रीकांत शिवनाथ बुचडे माझी आई नामे श्रीमती ताराबाई शिवनाथ बुचडे यांनी सन २००५ मधे मधुर बिल्डवेल (पी) ली टी डी यांच्या कडुन एक प्लॅट विकत घेतला सदर च्या प्लॅट ची संपूर्ण कीमंत १६००००/- ( सोला […]

Zeby.in – Hd action camera

Zeby.in Complaints & Reviews By: Vinaykaran Singh Danaiah nagar uppuguda Hyderabad I’m vinaykaransingh I have booked hd action camera and paid amount by paytm but I didnot get any receipt or bill and my amount is deducted plz kindly take action if it is fraud company

HBQ i7 – Not sound good

HBQ i7 Complaints & Reviews By: Shailesh Haseja The advertising of tgis Bluetooth device was shawn two devices and i got only one….afrer that the sound of this Bluetooth device is too bad thats why i want to return this to the xank company…please accept my this request